Planning a Successful Shopping Trip


Planning a Successful Shopping Trip | Meyersdal Square

Planning a Successful Shopping Trip

Let’s face it, we all have horrific shopping experiences that makes us grind our teeth when we think about our next shopping trip. Screaming kids, full isles, angry shoppers, not getting exactly what you want, the cashier that blandly asks “plastic?” and finally… getting home completely unsatisfied. We’ve all been through it!

But not to worry, we’ve got a few secrets for you to make those shopping days so much better. And don’t worry, if you’d like to share our secrets with a few of your friends, you most definitely can! So we’ll get straight into it.

  • Set a good date

We often underestimate how important setting a date for shopping is. Most people usually shop on the weekend, right after pay day. Which isn’t completely bad, just that time of the month (usually month end), shopping centres are congested and under those circumstances, you’ll never get everything you want done. It’s good to choose a date closer to midmonth.


  • Draw up a shopping list

Planning is everything! Going to a grocery or clothing store without knowing what you want is basically going to a store to waste all your money. You won’t know what you have, what you need, and what you only need small quantities of. Make sure that you’re going into every part of the house to check that everything you might need is part of the list. Drawing up a shopping list also helps you marginalize how much you’re going to spend on your trip.


  • Choose the right shopping centre

Now that your list is done, you’ll know more or less which type of grocery store or clothing store you’ll need to go to. It’s always best to go to a shopping centre like Meyersdal Square, where all your favorite stores are, and service is at its best. That way you’ll always get what you expect from a shopping centre… Well, the good expectations you have anyway.



  • Have pictures, measurements or empty containers

If you have a specific product that you’re not too familiar with that you bought, make sure that you take the empty container along so you could ask for assistance with finding it at one of your favorite stores. You’ll never go wrong doing this!


  • Dress Appropriately

Always dress comfortably for shopping trips. You can still look stylish while being comfortable, if that’s what you’re worried about. This way you can completely enjoy your shopping trip.


  • Take snacks and hydrate!

Snacks and water are always important (for the foodies). Especially on a hot day, staying hydrated is always vital, shopping trips are as much of a workout as jogging around your block.

Follow these closely and you’ll be the best shopper in no time. Happy Shopping!