Turning shopping into a fun experience for kids.

Meyersdal Square

Turning shopping into a fun experience for kids.

Many parents dread the thought of taking their children out shopping with them, the chance of having to deal with a child’s tantrums is enough to make any parent consider leaving their children at home.  Which leads to a quick shopping trip but one then loses out on some family bonding time. The best way to have a good shopping outing is to make it special and different from the usual shopping outing and to turn a boring shopping outing into a learning experience. Here are a few ways to accomplish just that.

The first part starts at home, instead of only making a written list of the items you’re planning to buy, you could have your child cut out pictures of what you need, getting them involved with making the list is a good way of making it clear that you are going shopping for specific items and will not divert from what has been planned. Aside from that getting them to help you with the list will teach them to plan for things ahead.

A game young children have enjoyed playing for generations is I spy because the point of the game is finding what the person is looking at the game is versatility and is, even more, fun when played in a place in a stored with tons to see such as Woolworths. And once you have located the product they are looking at you can have them fetch it for you if they’re old enough.

Basic skills like reading aren’t only learned at school. Shopping centres have signs everywhere to help shoppers navigate the shopping centres with ease and a fun way of teaching your child how to read is to letting them help you navigate through the shopping square by having them read the signs, this game can be played in stores too. This might seem a little tedious to you but may make your child feel like a pirate sailing through a sea of shops to find treasure. This activity not only allows their imagination to keep them busy but it also improves their developing reading skills.

But shopping can be a tiring experience and to reward your child for being well behaved throughout the trip you can take them to a nice restaurant for a good meal. And Meyersdal Square with its large variety of restaurants and shops is the best place for a fun family shopping experience.