Security in malls


Security in malls

Technology is growing so fast and life is becoming much easier. Malls are now following new trends and technologies that are being developed. More and more people want to make their lives convenient and fast. One should not struggle to locate their favourite store at the mall because there are new equipment’s that make it easier for consumers. Plenty of stores has replaced static cardboard posters with LCD graphics as well as audios. This helps to measure the amount of people who walk past and how many people stop and which sign catches their eye. These signs are also used advertise certain products or stores within the mall or even completions that the consumer can enter to win big.

Security cameras are also beneficiary because they can prevent crime within the mall and outside the mall. Cameras are very helpful in case a consumer loses something or a child the cameras are able to detract when the incident happened and how it happened.  These cameras are also helpful in retail stores because it prevents theft. There is a 360 view panoramic video that has been invented and the camera is installed on the ceiling this camera can view all the activities that are happening in the store.

These new systems take the pressure off and the store owners do not have to stress about having to watch the consumers all the time. Although malls have security guards but they cannot guard each and every store because they have to observe other parts of the mall. Consumers need to feel secure but store owners also need to protect their property. These new technologies are not created to invade your privacy but they are created to protect the shop owner because losing stock can affect their profit.

Meyersdal Square

Meyersdal Square is a safe and secure mall this means that you and your family can feel safe and protected.