A new place to spend the day

Meyersdal Square- A new place to spend the day

A new place to spend the day

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out Meyersdal square might just be the place for you and your family. Meyersdal square has a wide variety of stores and things to do you won’t ever run out if options, as long as, you know where to look. Some of the options that you’re able to choose from vary from wining and dining to the arts and crafts side of things.

When you’re a bit hungry and in the mood for some pizza take a seat at Andiccio24. Here you can completely create your own pizza from start to finish. This restaurant is fun for the whole family and even your friends.

If the creative lifestyle of making your own pizza is not cut out for you, then there are many more options to pick from, for example, if you’re interested in having some fish. Then take a seat at the Rock ‘n sole where you’ll be able to order just about any fish dish your heart desires.

Even if you decide that pizza or fish is just not for you, then Meyersdal Square always has there trusted Nandos restaurant to go to. With a family friendly staff and dining area you can’t go wrong. When business calls while you’re shopping and enjoying this lovely place, there’s always, Café Chicago where you can sit down for a quick meeting or even just a light lunch.

Meyersdal Square has any remedy for a bad day. Whether you need some retail therapy or to get some new cloths and a different hairstyle look no further than this lovely little mall. For a full remedy fix up for your bad day try start by buying a whole new wardrobe at new star fashions, where they will have clothes for every occasion and function. Try to get your hair done at the amazing David Shannon hairdressers where they can do just about any hairstyle you want to improve your look with. After all that, you can do nails at the well known Planet Nails where you have hundreds, if not thousands of different colors and designs to chose from to suit all personalities and styles.

There are so many more shops to chose from that are located at Meyersdal Square, such as fitness, beauty, and finance and so much more not included on the list. For a great day out visit Meyersdal square, it’s your general one stop center if you live in Randharf/Alberton area and made to entertain everyone. Click here for more information.