The detriments of technological advancements on family life

family connection
A surge in technology has created fewer face-to-face social interactions not just with friends, acquaintances and business partners, but within our own families. Family mealtimes used to be about sitting around the dinner table, talking about how the day went. Instead, the present picture in most homes displays scattered family members eating mindlessley whilst interacting with some form of technology.


We Are Constantly Distracted

Our cell phones have become like tiny dictators that follow us everywhere in our pockets. The minute they make a sound, anything we are currently focused on is usually dropped and our attentions diverted to our phones. Eating in front of the T.V has also done its fair share to erode family bonds and proper communication.


Being Present

For the sake of our sanity, stress levels and family bonds, it is imperative that we begin to be mindful of the company in our presence and how we are either contributing to or taking away from the communication channels that contribute to stronger family bonds. We need to learn to truly listen, instead of pretending to listen for the sake of getting back to our phones or T.Vs. It’s time to quite our minds and be present, for our families and for us.

Family Mealtimes

Throughout the ages, meals have been more than a form of sustenance; they have been crucial for conversations and family bonding time. If the distractions at home are hindering that, or if the thought of dishes piled up sends chills down your spine, then eating out once a week is a great way to get your family together in a stress-free and effective way – just be sure to leave cell phones at home.

Enjoy the Company. Enjoy the Food

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