The detriments of technological advancements and how going out for a family meal may bump up communication and connection.

A surge in technology has created fewer face-to-face social interactions not just with friends, acquaintances and business partners, but within our own families. Family mealtimes used to be about sitting around the dinner table, talking about how the day went. Instead, the present picture in most homes displays scattered family members eating mindlessley whilst interacting with some form of technology.


We Are Constantly Distracted

Our cell phones have become like tiny dictators that follow us everywhere in our pockets. The minute they make a sound, anything we are currently focused on is usually dropped and our attentions diverted to our phones. Eating in front of the T.V has also done its fair share to erode family bonds and proper communication.


Being Present

For the sake of our sanity, stress levels and family bonds, it is imperative that we begin to be mindful of the company in our presence and how we are either contributing to or taking away from the communication channels that contribute to stronger family bonds. We need to learn to truly listen, instead of pretending to listen for the sake of getting back to our phones or T.Vs. It’s time to quite our minds and be present, for our families and for us.

Family Mealtimes

Throughout the ages, meals have been more than a form of sustenance; they have been crucial for conversations and family bonding time. If the distractions at home are hindering that, or if the thought of dishes piled up sends chills down your spine, then eating out once a week is a great way to get your family together in a stress-free and effective way – just be sure to leave cell phones at home.

Enjoy the Company. Enjoy the Food

For a great retail shopping centre in Johannesburg South with wonderful places to eat, affordable prices and a range of healthy options with perfect settings for family bonding, or if you have a passion for providing the aforementioned to others through your own restaurant, take a trip to Meyersdal Square or visit their website for more information.

Location is an important consideration to make when setting up a business that relies on clients coming in through the door to make purchases. It affects the level of your competition, who your clients are and where they are coming from, as well as the strength of your relationship with suppliers in your field. Because of this, many a business owner has whittled away hours of their time thinking about the perfect location for their stores, and for good reason. However when thinking about where to set up shop, there are a number of factors to consider if you want to get it right. Let’s take a look at a few of them here.

Where are Your Clients?

While your clients will more than likely to travel a bit of a way to visit your store, even they have their limits. And the simpler you make it for them (especially in this age of online shopping), the more likely they are to grace your premises and maybe even return. So think about where your target audience is likely to be concentrated and do research on their location. Then pick one that is not far off from them.

Where are Your Suppliers?

The location of your suppliers is an easy factor to overlook when deciding where to open up your store. As a service provider, it is easy to assume that they should come to you, no matter where they or you are. The truth is that this makes things difficult for them, and in some cases, may make them unavailable to you. So consider the location of your supplier carefully when selecting a location. While they might not need to be right next to you, they need to be able to make deliveries with relative ease, especially for deliveries that need to be made on short notice.

How Fierce is the Competition?

If there are hundreds of stores just like yours in retail shopping centres in Johannesburg South, but none on the East-Rand, then it makes sense not to set up shop right next door to your competitors. They certainly wouldn’t be happy about it and you will be vying for a limited market-share. By opening up where there is less competition, you will raise your chances of success substantially, since you won’t need to be competing for your clients’ business.

Contact Meyersdal Square for Details

Meyersdal Square provides an ideal and central location for businesses of all types. If you would like to learn more about conducting business with us, be sure to contact a representative of ours, or visit our website for further information

2018 has been a cracker for most of us; a busy year indeed. As we wind down to its end and the holiday season looms just around the corner, people’s attention is starting to turn towards the festive season; a time for giving, eating, relaxing and enjoying the company of others. Holiday shopping is the buzz-word for this time of the year, with everyone looking for bargains on Christmas presents, great places to eat and ways to entertain themselves.

Whatever it is you are looking for this holiday season, Meyersdal Square has something for you.

Getting Your Body Beach Ready

The year has been long and has likely taken its toll on your body, fitness and freshness. We can help you with that.

Get into shape and be ready for the beach with some summer training at our women’s gym, Curves. Curves is South Africa’s first fitness gym exclusively for women and offers a specialised fitness routine for women of all fitness levels.

Looking for supplements, vitamins, medication and beauty products? Visit Barry’s Pharmacy at our centre.

Looking good isn’t just about getting a great body. Meyersdal Square is also home to David Shannon Hairdressing, a stylist with a keen eye for perfection.

A Festive Bite to Eat

There are plenty of excellent restaurants at our square, with a little something delicious for everybody. If the festive season is the season for eating, then we have just what you need for the holidays.

Nando’s serves up one of the most iconic food-franchises in South Africa and is always a great place for the perfect meal.

We also have a Rock ‘n Sole serving up the freshest catches, exotic sushi dishes, mouth-watering deserts and astonishingly tasty breakfasts.

A Little Retail Therapy

Our centre also offers some shopping opportunity for the ideal gifts (either to yourself or your loved-ones).

Fashion is the word of the day and New Star Fashion does it wonderfully.

We also have electronics and gadgets for sale at DigiComm for all your electronic needs.

Visit Meyersdale Square this Festive Season

To find out more about what we have to offer at Meyersdal Square visit our website today.

If you are looking to break into the exciting world of running your own retail store, then you should know that achieving your dream is not going to be a particularly smooth ride. You can make things easier for yourself however by paving the route to success with a collection of knowledge on what it is that makes a small to medium retail store a success. We here at Meyersdal Square are here to help! These tips on how to achieve success with your retail store should give you a good head-start, and will put you in front of your up-start competitors.

Location is Everything

Brick and mortar stores all have one thing in common, the successful ones have chosen the ideal location. You’ll want to select a location, such as a shopping centre in Johannesburg South, that enjoys a lot of foot traffic, but that’s not all that should concern you about the location.

Consider too how many of your competitors are in the same area, since fewer would be ideal. You also need to consider the location of your ideal target market. If you are situated closely to them, you will have an easier time of attracting them to your store.

Managing In-Store Appearances

To some this may sound like a point not worth mentioning, but it can be easily overlooked. You should strive to foster and maintain a theme in your store that makes it easy to identify. Think of it as your corporate identity, but for retail. It should reflect your brand’s personality, values and the types of products and services that you offer.

Equally important is the need to stay on top of industry trends, and incorporating this in both your stock and in your theme. Your customers will put their trust in whichever store is ahead of the curve, so make sure it is you.

Working with Staff and Management

Employment at retail stores generally appeals to a younger crowd, which means that you may have some trouble filling those menial positions with people who have any degree of experience; which can be frustrating. Still, you should look for people who take an interest in the product you are selling. A vape enthusiast might not be the best fit for a sports store, for instance.

Management is a little more difficult, since you should opt for a second-in-command that has at least one year of experience. Finding this type of talent may require a more competitive payment package than for other employees, and you may find that, especially initially, this sits outside of your affordability range. Because of this, you will have to take a hands-on approach until such time that you can hire a manager.

Conducting Marketing

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone adamantly deny a need for marketing, or express that it is just too expensive for them, only to later have their stores close due to a lack of customer interest. Marketing is, however, based on a return on investment, and what you put in, you should get out on multiple folds in sales and returns. Marketing is a key part of your business, even if you run a tiny store. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it; because your most successful competitors won’t.

Contact Meyersdal Square for the Perfect Store

If you would like to know more about sourcing the ideal retail space for your store, in a mall that is both bustling and vibrant, contact a representative from Meyersdal Square today, or visit our website for further information.

Benefits Of Shopping Malls For Shoppers - Infographic

Benefits of Shopping Malls

The first malls were built in the 19th century in Paris Arcades. They instantly became popular destination for shoppers. Over time shopping malls have evolved to meet the needs of shoppers. Shopping malls are easily the preferred shopping areas of our time for shoppers across the globe.


The first shops in shopping centers were designed to catered to the elite but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, we have different shops in shopping malls which cater to a variety of budgets.


Shoppers prefer going to shopping malls or shopping centers instead of going to stand-alone shops for various reasons. Bellow we will look at a few benefits of shopping malls for shoppers;


  1. Shopping malls have a wide variety of products available in one space.
  2. Shopping malls have products from competing producers available under one roof. So, making it easier to compare and make purchases.
  3. Malls also have their own parking facility.
  4. Shopping malls have a variety of food courts with a wide variety of cuisine.
  5. Shopping malls tend to have movie theatres.
  6. Mall have gaming zones.


All these benefits of shopping malls make shopping a fun-filled and satisfying experience for shoppers. Now it is important to identify the benefits of shopping malls for business owners as well.


  1. It is very beneficial for a business owner to set up a store in a shopping mall because shopping centers are sought-after shopping destinations, which are usually located in prime and easily accessible locations. Therefore, it is beneficial for retail store owners to rent shop space in a mall.
  2. Renting retail space in a mall allows a business owner to attract clients of competitors who have shops in the same mall.
  3. A business owner does not have to spend time and effort towards the maintaining their shop in a mall. Which means there is more time to focus on running a successful business.
  4. Shopping malls are a popular location for pop-up stores as they are high traffic areas which is ideal for to attract customers to new products.


With all the benefits of shopping malls for shoppers as well as business owners we can conclude that shopping malls & shopping centers will only continue to rise in popularity over time.

Now that you know all about the benefits of shopping malls, head down to Meyersdale Square where you will find a variety of shops and restaurants for your convince.


Mall safety tips for your children

These tips will help you keep your children safe in public spaces or crowned malls. Shopping with children can be an overwhelming experience in the blink of an eye they could get lost in a crowd of people.

Police offer these tips to help you keep your children safe in crowds:

  • Have a talk with your kids before the outing. Enforce a rule that they should always be able to see you and you should always be able to see them. It sounds simple, but keep reminding them periodically. Especially if they get restless.
  • Use the “two giant steps” rule, it is a fun and easy way for your children to remember not to wonder off and your kids can never be more than two giant steps away from you.


  • Tell kids never to leave the store or mall to find you, no matter what anyone says. Make sure they know you would never leave until you are reunited.
  • Teach your kids that if you ever get separated, they should look for a “safe stranger” to help. Examples of a safe stranger are a person at the cash register or a mum with her kids. With older kids agree on a meeting place ahead of time, in case you get separated.
  • Make sure you remember what your kids are wearing. Dress them in bright colored clothes to make it easier to spot them.
  • Make a “check first” rule with older kids. They should always check with you before going anywhere in public spaces including the restroom, play area or another store.
  • Predators are known to look for unsupervised kids so don’t treat public spaces as “convenient babysitting”. Do not leave your kids alone in play areas, arcades, movie theaters or any other public spaces.
  • Always take young kids into the restroom with you
  • Finally make sure you teach your young kids your cellphone number.

Now that you are more prepared for a day at the mall with your children, head down to Meyersdale Square where you will find a variety of shops and restaurants for your convince.

Meyersdal Square- A new place to spend the day

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out Meyersdal square might just be the place for you and your family. Meyersdal square has a wide variety of stores and things to do you won’t ever run out if options, as long as, you know where to look. Some of the options that you’re able to choose from vary from wining and dining to the arts and crafts side of things.

When you’re a bit hungry and in the mood for some pizza take a seat at Andiccio24. Here you can completely create your own pizza from start to finish. This restaurant is fun for the whole family and even your friends.

If the creative lifestyle of making your own pizza is not cut out for you, then there are many more options to pick from, for example, if you’re interested in having some fish. Then take a seat at the Rock ‘n sole where you’ll be able to order just about any fish dish your heart desires.

Even if you decide that pizza or fish is just not for you, then Meyersdal Square always has there trusted Nandos restaurant to go to. With a family friendly staff and dining area you can’t go wrong. When business calls while you’re shopping and enjoying this lovely place, there’s always, Café Chicago where you can sit down for a quick meeting or even just a light lunch.

Meyersdal Square has any remedy for a bad day. Whether you need some retail therapy or to get some new cloths and a different hairstyle look no further than this lovely little mall. For a full remedy fix up for your bad day try start by buying a whole new wardrobe at new star fashions, where they will have clothes for every occasion and function. Try to get your hair done at the amazing David Shannon hairdressers where they can do just about any hairstyle you want to improve your look with. After all that, you can do nails at the well known Planet Nails where you have hundreds, if not thousands of different colors and designs to chose from to suit all personalities and styles.

There are so many more shops to chose from that are located at Meyersdal Square, such as fitness, beauty, and finance and so much more not included on the list. For a great day out visit Meyersdal square, it’s your general one stop center if you live in Randharf/Alberton area and made to entertain everyone. Click here for more information.

Must Haves for Winter Shopping

Must Haves for Winter Shopping

Winter is here! And while we’re rushing to get our normal household needs, we sort of forget about our needs for winter. It’s a complete different season. That means your nutritional needs change and the type of clothing you need changes.

Here’s some tips on small things you need to stock up on to stay warm and healthy this winter!

  • Gloves, hats, long sleeve vests, stockings, tights, leg warmers, scarves, hot water bottles, more gloves and don’t forget that two-for-one special on scarf set. The smallest items that come with keeping warm in winter are the ones always forgotten. You always seem to think you have them already, but trust us, you lost them last winter!
  • Tons of vitamins. Your body needs specific nutrients and vitamins in winter to stay healthy and fit! Iron, Vitamin D, Complex Carbs, Zinc and Vitamin C. For most of these you could just get in vitamin capsule form however, it’s great to eat foods that are packed with these vitamins too. For iron you could eat more beef, lentils, spinach, white beans, and even dark chocolate. For Vitamin D you could eat more fish, egg yolks, cereals, milk, and yogurts. For complex carbs you could eat more sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkins, and squash. For zinc you could eat more beef, pork, lamb, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. And lastly for Vitamin C you could eat tons of citrusy fruits and veggies such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, and winter squash.
  • And lastly, shop smart! Instead of paying thousands on a new heater, or extra blankets, maybe look into getting a gas heater and just filling gas each winter and getting one electric blanket that makes you warmer than 10 heavy blankets can. And instead of getting an entire new wardrobe, maybe just stock up on things you need… and okay, maybe one pair of those new fashion designer boots.

If your next worry is a place to stock up on all these winter goodies, Meyersdal Square is a good place to start and end. We have a variety of your favorite stores all in one place, saving you time and giving you a great shopping experience.


Planning a Successful Shopping Trip | Meyersdal Square

Planning a Successful Shopping Trip

Let’s face it, we all have horrific shopping experiences that makes us grind our teeth when we think about our next shopping trip. Screaming kids, full isles, angry shoppers, not getting exactly what you want, the cashier that blandly asks “plastic?” and finally… getting home completely unsatisfied. We’ve all been through it!

But not to worry, we’ve got a few secrets for you to make those shopping days so much better. And don’t worry, if you’d like to share our secrets with a few of your friends, you most definitely can! So we’ll get straight into it.

  • Set a good date

We often underestimate how important setting a date for shopping is. Most people usually shop on the weekend, right after pay day. Which isn’t completely bad, just that time of the month (usually month end), shopping centres are congested and under those circumstances, you’ll never get everything you want done. It’s good to choose a date closer to midmonth.


  • Draw up a shopping list

Planning is everything! Going to a grocery or clothing store without knowing what you want is basically going to a store to waste all your money. You won’t know what you have, what you need, and what you only need small quantities of. Make sure that you’re going into every part of the house to check that everything you might need is part of the list. Drawing up a shopping list also helps you marginalize how much you’re going to spend on your trip.


  • Choose the right shopping centre

Now that your list is done, you’ll know more or less which type of grocery store or clothing store you’ll need to go to. It’s always best to go to a shopping centre like Meyersdal Square, where all your favorite stores are, and service is at its best. That way you’ll always get what you expect from a shopping centre… Well, the good expectations you have anyway.



  • Have pictures, measurements or empty containers

If you have a specific product that you’re not too familiar with that you bought, make sure that you take the empty container along so you could ask for assistance with finding it at one of your favorite stores. You’ll never go wrong doing this!


  • Dress Appropriately

Always dress comfortably for shopping trips. You can still look stylish while being comfortable, if that’s what you’re worried about. This way you can completely enjoy your shopping trip.


  • Take snacks and hydrate!

Snacks and water are always important (for the foodies). Especially on a hot day, staying hydrated is always vital, shopping trips are as much of a workout as jogging around your block.

Follow these closely and you’ll be the best shopper in no time. Happy Shopping!

Meyersdal Square - beauty

Rich in Oleic Acid

The bulk of essential fatty acids found in avocado oil are monounsaturated oleic acid, the same omega-9 EFA that won olive oil its assertion to popularity. Oleic acid is known to have various positive effects throughout the body including lowering risk of some cancers, blocking flare-ups of certain autoimmune diseases, accelerating cell regeneration and wound healing, aiding the body in repelling and removing microbial infections, as well as decreasing inflammation inside and out.

Keeping Your Heart Health

Surprisingly avocado oil has a high amount of beta-sitosterol, a kind of cholesterol which our bodies can use to transform less healthy fats into forms which are more usable and less dangerous to cells. Since avocado oil is an anti-inflammatory, it can help to restrain damage to arterial walls which in turn decreases the risk of heart disease caused by plaque deposits. Additionally, less inflammation in the arteries means avocado oil can also go a long way toward keeping blood pressure at the perfect levels.

Extremely Good Source of Vitamin E

Avocado oil is amidst the top five foods with the highest vitamin E content. This fat-soluble vitamin is well-known for improving skin and eye health condition, strengthening the immune system, providing defence against oxidative damage to cells triggered by free-radicals, improving memory and mental sharpness, as well as increasing the general efficiency of the digestive tract.

Improve Your Digestion System

If you find that you suffer from frequent heart burn, experience an unusually high amount of gas and distended, on a regular basis, or if you simply feel tired all of the time, weak digestion could be to blame. Try including avocado oil to your food to fix the issue. The vitamins, minerals, and monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil all assist the digestive system to process food more efficiently. While this won’t fix the problem overnight, you might be surprised at how fast you’ll begin to feel better, have more energy, and even start to get rid of that excess fat.

Visit Meyersdal Square today and check out Sereno Health and Beauty, we offer a variety of relaxation, tanning, and beauty treatments to ladies, gents, teens and children. From manicures, pedicures, gel polishes, waxing, facials, skin peels, massages, body exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Lymph Drainage, Slimming, spray tan and we have a highly intensified tan can available as well.